PC Monitoring

The advantages & disadvantages of IT monitoring & surveillance

Few decades back monitoring & espionage was a hardcore subject of tactical & defense operations. But cyber loafing, resource optimization and lawsuits are some factors which have made the employers to adopt employee monitoring practices. The availability of different kinds of spy tools is another reason for increase in this trend. Many employees find this privacy encroachment practice as very annoying. So a perfect employee monitoring policy should not invade the privacy of employees and at the same time it should be tough enough. Let’s find out that what should be the basis of this equilibrium.

Monitoring has become a subject matter of debate because of the emergence of new age technology. Now many employers are using the spy tools for tracking the conduct of employees. There are many who believe that the employees shall be allowed to use net for checking the stocks and watching the news. They contend that some exceptional activities can be tolerated in the organization. There is another category which believes that employees shall not be allowed to use the company’s network for personal use. ENE Systems, a major player in Automation and Energy sector strictly advocates the necessity of IT monitoring. Barry Thompson, Network Services Manager, ENE says that “IT Monitoring is a must for a company like ENE which is having assets worth $30 million 140 employees.” Anthony Paleramo, IT Manager says that “the companies of today badly require a mechanism for employee monitoring”

Employee monitoring is now a core competency of many IT Managers. As per a paper of renowned statistics company half of the employees in an organization use internet for personal purposes. For avoiding such bad habits the organizations are now adopting a strict organizational network policy. The IT magazine, Computer World has revealed that more than 26% of companies have punished their employees for violating the network policy.

The IT Behavior Analysts at Florida Institute of Technology have concluded that IT surveillance forms up-to 20% of IT Managers role. This role doesn’t seem to decline and it will only increase in the coming years.

Expert’s opinion

Certainly, there are a lot of conflicting interests between the employers and the employees regarding IT monitoring. The experts believe that the employees should not be monitored in an organization without being informed. Also the IT Managers should clearly chart out the organizational IT policy before the employees. Lastly, the employers should refer only a trusted and genuine pc spy tool like Employee Desktop Live Viewer.