PC Monitoring

Spy tool giving every employees’ information

We know that antivirus software keeps viruses and other malicious software away from our PC. Similarly, computer monitoring spy tool is vital to keeping track of what your loved ones, or employees are doing while on the computer.

Deploying Spy tool in your organization or at your home proves to be beneficial for you as you get to know a lot of thing regarding your employees or home members work style.

Some essentials that Spy tool allows you to perform are:

  • Record websites visited – You can find out what your employees do when they are working during office hours, you can actually record all that.

  • Illegitimate use of company’s resources – You can find out if anyone is musing company’s resources by illegally indulging in work sabotages.

  • Take screenshots – Using spy tool, you can take screenshots from your workstation for future reference.

  • Monitor & record emails – Ensure no inappropriate emails are being sent or read.

  • Monitor & record chats/IM – Allows you keep an eye on chat/IM conversations and how much time is spent on chatting, social networking sites, online shopping.

  • Administrative control – You can perform administrative actions on monitored computers like, shutting down computer, logging off, restart, removing wallpaper and much more.

  • Remotely monitor – See what’s going on others computer from your workstation only, no need to stand beside them for monitoring.

Therefore, computer monitoring software or better known as Spy Tool plays an important role in keeping a close watch on all computer activities of your employees and loved ones in home too.