PC Monitoring

Know Employee Activity at Organization with a Centralized Monitoring Tool

According to a recent survey by an international rating agency, it has been revealed that the lack of employee productivity has been the major reason for mounting business losses of several organizations. Other reasons affecting the company’s productivity include government policies, global slowdown, poor infrastructural facilities of a region and others.

As most business activities in the present days are being carried with the help of computers, organizations need a comprehensive tool to monitor computer activities of their employees. It has also been found from various studies, that some employees misuse the office properties for their personal gains. Computer surveillance cameras are only effective in monitoring non-desktop activities of individuals in an organization. Monitoring few computers of a network is possible with administrative tools of MS Windows. MS Windows administrative tools usually collect information of a particular user from Windows Log files. However, it is not possible to track and analyze all employee activities through Windows Administrative tools on a large network. Therefore, large companies need a comprehensive mechanism that can constantly watch activities of their employees. There are many third party tools that can monitor user activities on the large IT network. These tools are designed to monitor computers from a remote location of a network.

Employee Desktop Live Viewer is one such computer spy tool that can help large organizations in tracking every employee activity during official hours. It is a highly sophisticated computer spy tool to track users on Domain as well as Work group based networks. This computer spy tool can monitor activities on the employee computer from the main Windows server, which is used by the system administrator.

The computer spy tool will perform following tasks:

  • Monitor and curb the unproductive activities of employees

  • Strictly implement existing email standards

  • Improve the productivity and competitiveness of the organization in the market

  • Boost the efficiency of individual employee in an organization

This proficient desktop monitoring tool can monitor both online and offline activities of the employee that includes the following:

  • Downloading of MP3 audios, video clips, compressed archives or software

  • Uploading of documents or media file on internet

  • Watching online movie

  • Chatting with friends on a social networking site

  • Viewing objectionable contents on internet

  • Listening offline music

  • Accessing personal email accounts

  • Playing computer games

Computer spy tool also record employee activities in the video file format. It allows IT administrators to schedule offline recording of user activities and perform several tasks on the employee computer remotely. You can operate this software in stealth or invisible mode so that employees do not get any indication of their system monitoring. It also allows IT administrator to notify employees through instant messages. Computer spy tool can also schedule offline recordings of individual computer or group of computers when administrator is not personally available.


Large computer network cannot be effectively monitored with Windows administrative tools. Computer spy tool can help large organizations in tracking every single desktop activity of their employees. It works exactly as surveillance camera on a computer network and monitor both online and offline user activities during specific period.