PC Monitoring

Is it Possible to Keep an Eye on Activities of Different Computers?

Want to monitor your employees’ activities, but unable to find a proper solution. Well, not to worry as today there is an option available in form of third party employee desktop monitor software.

If we carefully study some of the recent observations, then it clearly indicates that nowadays many employees are spending a considerable amount of their official productive time in various useless activities. In fact, it has been found that most of the employees are making use of Internet for their personal interest. Apart from that, it has also been found that many employees have even made different false remarks to the management and conducted activities like stealing some of the vital company’s information. In addition, many employees have even tried to take advantage of internet to transfer info, perform online chat or play online games as well. Definitely, such activities can be very annoying and may very well hurt your business. As a manager, you will never like your employees to get indulge in those activities during official hours that doesn’t relates to company’s work.

As a manager, it’s very important for you to ensure that your company’s manpower which is the most vital asset to your organization carry out their responsibilities as per their abilities. And, so it get very essential that you perform employee monitoring and try to know whether employees are performing their duties as per their potential or not. It is very crucial to know that whether your employees are actually abusing their computer privileges. But, the key question is – how to keep an eye on activities of all employees? For a while, you might think it is completely impossible to monitor every employee’s activities simultaneously. Well, not to worry! The answer to this question lies on the proper usage of spy tool. Taking help of employee spy tool, it gets much easier for you to monitor and even record every PC activity of employees that are connected within a network.

Employee Desktop Live Viewer is one such comprehensive computer spy tool, which perform its role just like a surveillance camera. It can help you in continuously tracking all ongoing computer desktop activities of employees. What makes it more special is the facility to have LIVE preview of ongoing computer activities of employee over a particular network. In addition, the software provides the provision of scheduling both offline and online recording. Therefore, you can attend your important meeting. And, once you are free or completed your meeting, you can have the preview of recorded file that is generally saved in .AVI format.