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According to a recent survey by an international rating agency, it has been revealed that the lack of employee productivity has been the major reason for mounting business losses of several organizations. Other reasons affecting the company’s productivity include government policies, global slowdown, poor infrastructural facilities of a region and others. Read more about Know Employee Activity at Organization with a Centralized Monitoring Tool »

Being an employer, it is significant for you to keep a proper and regular check on employees’ activities. In present scenario, computer monitoring tool is very helpful for the administrator or manager for monitoring the desktop activities being carried out at each employee desktop of the organization. Such tools are beneficial for the employer to safeguard company-related sensitive documents or other important information from being poached. Read more about Know how you can minimize cyber slacking and misuse of organization computers »

Almost all organization now a day’s carry their business activities with the help of computers. In a professional work environment, employees are linked with a computer network as desktop users. Desktop users of an IT workstation are also connected with a fast internet connection through LAN or WAN. Read more about Track the desktop activities of your employees with an IT monitoring tool »

In today’s scenario, every organization in almost every sector uses computer and that too connected with a high-speed internet connection. Though, internet connection is provided by the enterprise so that instant communication can be set up amongst the employees of the organization or for readily retrieving any information related to work but employees misuse it for their personal work and interest. Read more about Monitor the system of your employees from your workstation itself – No need to keep a watch personally ! »

The primary asset of any organization is its employees without the existence of whom the organization fails to justify its literal meaning. It is the employees who put in their hard work and efforts to make the company earn name and fame. But, what if a company starts experiencing low productivity from their employees as a result of less input of some over smart elements present in it? Read more about Spy tool A Third Eye to monitor the employees »

In these days, the workplace inspection has become a requirement for every organization. The cyber crimes and other authorized agencies are propelling the IT Managers to set up computer monitoring tools in the workplace. Workplace surveillance is one of the best methods to enhance the performance of employees. Read more about Enhance company production with the use of employee desktop live viewer »

If your organization lies with SMB categories, then productivity and optimum resource utilization must be a major concern for you. Obviously, employees are your first resource and a lot depends over there inputs. Overtime, due to the growth of Internet, a lot of productivity issues have emerged Read more about Do you still think you don’t need an employee monitoring tool? »

Few decades back monitoring & espionage was a hardcore subject of tactical & defense operations. But cyber loafing, resource optimization and lawsuits are some factors which have made the employers to adopt employee monitoring practices. The availability of different kinds of spy tools Read more about The advantages & disadvantages of IT monitoring & surveillance »

Human capital is the essential resource for an organization to uplift its productivity as well as profit margin. On the contrary, incapable or dishonest human resource can lead in declining the productivity of an organization which may come as a result of low business or declined profit. Read more about Use spy tools to track your employees’ activity »

Time is money. In this fast growing competitive world, every enterprise wants to derive maximum output from its resources. Every organization follows a strict schedule and enrolls proficient employees to save time and increase productivity correspondingly. Read more about Monitoring your employees can not get any easier with Spy Tool »