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Employee Desktop Live viewer is an absolute spy tool that keeps a track of ongoing activities on the employee’s desktop without their knowledge. It works exactly like the surveillance camera with the only difference that users have no idea that they are being tracked. The LIVE monitoring tool works as a spy tool that runs quietly in the background and allows the administrator or higher authority to have the LIVE view of ongoing activities of the employee’s screen.

Employee Desktop Live viewer is an expert computer spy tool that is designed to test employee’s performance and increase the ROI by monitoring the correct usage of facilities provided to the employees’. The software lets you perform a list of functions remotely on the agent computers, that is, the viewer can change desktop wallpaper, shut down the machine, restart, lock, unlock etc.


Spy tool has other advantageous features as well, such as, online/offline recording, sending instant messages, notification of monitoring etc. Every employee’s computer activities are recorded and saved in AVI format, which can be later viewed. Offline recordings can be scheduled as and when required. The viewer does not need to be physically present for the recordings; he can set the time and duration of the offline recording.

Experience Enhanced Productivity Utilizing Exclusive Features:
  • Monitors ‘n’ numbers of computers at the same time.
  • Monitors Real activities and saves them in AVI format.
  • Can monitor dual screens of the same computer at a time.
  • Helps in increasing the ROI and work production in a company.
  • Keeps a check on employee’s work and actions
  • Free trial for seven days.
  • Supports fast, effective and commendable monitoring of Windows 10/8.1/8/7/Vista/XP/2000/98/NT/95

Employee Desktop LIVE viewer is a commendable desktop monitoring spy tool, which consists of two set up files. The first one is called Viewer, which is installed on the administrator’s computer system to view other employee’s desktop. The other one is Agent that is installed on the employee’s desktop, which makes it possible for the administrator to view several computers. The computers should be connected with LAN (Local Area Network) and contained in a domain in order to have a bird eye view of employee’s desktops.

Employee Desktop Live viewer is the perfect software to keep a check on employee’s activity without even employee’s knowledge. It lets you do perform every action that is required to analyze the activities of employees at any certain moment.

Download FREE Demo to Experience the Potential of Spy tool

FREE Demo version is available of the software for 7 days. Users can download and get an idea about the software’s working and performance. In the trial version user can monitor any one computer for seven days and create a 5-minute AVI file of recording. For creating a longer AVI file or analyzing more computers, you need to purchase the software.


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